It takes a Village. Thank you for Volunteering.

You may like enduro racing, live music vibes, drinking craft beer, or local art exhibitions. If you like any or all, the NW Tune-Up Festival is the place to find your crew. We are looking for humanity with a range of talent and personalities to fill volunteer gigs throughout 3-days and across 3 venues. Please complete the form fields below and you'll be contacted soon.
Volunteers will earn a free T-shirt, high fives and a volunteer pass.
Volunteer submissions will be accepted until all positions have been filled. Questions? Contact us here.

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This helps us give cred where credits due - to a local brewery, ambassador, or other community partner.
Click yes if service hours will go towards high school graduation or community service.
If selected for a volunteer job, NW Tune-Up Festival reserves the right to run a background check on all its volunteers.
If you heard about volunteering with us through a local brewery fan email or social media post, please list the brewery here. Otherwise, type N/A.
Holding a current MAST certification is not required for volunteering. This info helps us determine the kind of resources we will need to provide to volunteers in certain festival areas.